Neocon Cabalist

Friday, August 12, 2005

Intelligent Design? Noooooo!

I don't really know what's driving these liberals up the wall about George Bush's statements about Intelligent Design... other than that they seem to get their kicks from panicking over every minute detail that comes their way. Pretty much, Intelligent Design means "There was evolution. God did it." Yet the 'progressives' seem to think this is basically the same as cavemen riding the dinosaurs 6000 years ago (which, admittedly, is a pretty retarded idea.) But just because one lonely little school off in Pennsylvania is about to teach creationism along with evolution, the libs are acting like the neo-con religious right theocrat templar inquisitors are bursting into every school and burning all the evolution books and branding the cross into every heretic's face. Maybe the creationists, all 3 of them, would like that, but that's as likely as a snowball surviving in Hell.

"Only 3 creationists?! RAAAAARGH! There's 45,723,984,129,861,321 of them in every state cuz there's a poll that says over 50%+ of Americans say the Bible is the literal word of God!" you may be shrieking as you affix your tin-foil coned hat to your head, in which case I would suggest getting a remedial 3rd grade reading class. Here's a vocabulary lesson- 'literal word of God' means it really IS the word of God. It would be very strange for a devout person NOT to think their holy book, of any kind, is really the word of their God. If the question was 'the Bible should be taken literally' then yes, that would be a more accurate reflection, though I'm pretty sure the newspaper printers would run out of ink putting in all the decimal zeroes for the statistic of people who agreed. See, I just corrected your false perceptions- now all you have to do is stop hugging trees, stop smoking weed, stop eating mud and stop voting for liberals and you're set for being a rational human being.